Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Santa Stride Fun Run?
First of all, it is not a race. This is purely a Fun Event with suggested turning points of 2miles; 3miles; 4miles and 7miles round trips, sited along the trailway. You can run, jog or walk it. It is open to any age and ability, individual, family or group, how fast and far you go is up to you. As part of the event, the entry fee includes a Santa Suit with a hat and beard for you to wear. All entrants will receive a medal upon completion of the course. For health & safety reasons, no skateboards or roller blades will be allowed on the run.

What is the aim of the Fun Run?
There are two aims. The first is to add a bit of fun to the beginning of the Christmas season . The second is to raise funds for our local Air Ambulance service The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulane which is always on hand to save lives but relies on our support to keep going.We can all make a difference by raising sponsorship when doing the Santa Stride. Simply download the form here.

How fit do I have to be?
This is very much meant to be a fun event and the majority of people entering will not be serious runners. The occasion is all about taking part, so whether you run, jog, cycle or walk or even crawl, we really don’t mind.

What does it cost?
The entry fee is:                 Adults - £5
                                         Children aged 6 - 12 - £2.50

                                         Children under 6 - Free

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times on the course.
The entry fee covers administration, running costs, the Santa Suit and a commemorative medal. Any money left over will go to our charities. We regret that we cannot refund your registration fee once you have paid.

How much should I raise in sponsorship?
The Air Ambulance needs all the help it can get and we hope that each entrant will raise as much as possible by obtaining sponsors. We suggest that the minimum aim should be £10 per entry. Raising money for good causes makes all the effort worthwhile. You can download a sponsor form here. We ask that all monies raised is paid in no later than 31st January 2017.

What is the route and how difficult is it?
The route simply starts at the beginning of theTrailway in the main car park. You will then be free to make your own way, at your own pace shown on the “Route” page. There will be stewards at key points to guide you. The route is easy going and suitable for all abilities.

What do I get for my entry fee?
The entry fees contribute to Rotary's costs of organising the event. These includea Santa suit for every entrant and free refreshments after the event.

When should I enter?
The sooner, the better. Registration is now open. You can register either register off line downloaded here or on line downloaded here. Or simply use either of these options on the Home page. We will allow registration on the day, but we really hope you will register beforehand and raise sponsorship for your run.

Can I enter on the day?
Yes, we will accept registrations on the day. Make sure you arrive in good time. We do hope you register beforehand as that makes it easier for all of us and you will have received your Santa Suit before the event.

What happens if I am ill or just can't make it on the day?
If you are ill, please do not attempt to come.  Your health and well-being comes first. We regret however that there can be no refunds for non-attendance.
We do recommend that you complete a “Medical record” form where you can record your medical details and the person to contact in case of any emergencies. Please carry this with you during the event.

Where will the money raised go?
All monies collected through sponsorship will be donated to The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

A number of us want to run together, can we send one cheque to cover us all ?
Yes, just send the forms in together with one cheque to cover everyone.  You may like to take part displaying your group's or company logo or your name on your Santa suits - it's free advertising!

I am a wheelchair user, can I take part ?
Yes you can, but you must be accompanied by a suitable helper.

Can I bring a pushchair or buggy?
Yes, but we would ask that you start at the back and are aware of and are considerate to other participants along the way.

What about dogs?
You are welcome to bring dogs but please make sure that they are on a lead and that you start at the back.

Can my sponsors use Gift Aid to maximise the amount raised?
Yes please! Encourage your sponsors, if they are UK Tax payers, to tick the "Gift Aid it" box on the sponsorship form. This enables us to obtain gift aid on your sponsorship at no cost to you or your sponsor. It is important that each sponsor provides their home address and postal code. If this is not completed, the Inland Revenue will not agree to Gift Aid.

How do I arrange sponsorship?
You can download a sponsorship form for you to use. Either click here or click on the Sponsorship button in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

When do I get mySanta suit?
So that you are wearing your Santa suit when you do the run, we will be distributing them in the 2 weeks before the event. We will let you know where and when you can collect your suit. It will also be published on this website in due course.

Do I have to sign-in when I arrive?
Yes. For health & safety reasons, we need to know who is taking part, so it is vital that you sign in on arrival and receive your run number.

Are there changing facilities at the venue?
Secure changing facilities will not be available. You are advised to ensure that all valuables are left at home.

What do I need to wear?
You should wear comfortable and warm clothing under the Santa Suit suitable for the weather conditions on the day. Suitable footwear is recommended.

Can I park at the venue?
Car parking facilities will be available on all the recognised car parks in Sturminster. Please remember to secure your car before you leave for the run.

Are there toilets?
There will be toilets available in the Exchange and Public Toilet block at the start but nothing along the route.

Can someone else run instead of me?
No. For health & safety and insurance reasons, we need to know exactly who you are from your registration.

What time should I arrive at the venue?
If registering as a runner aim to get there at 9 am for a start at 9.30 am. Everyone else should aim to arrive at 10 am. This will leave enough time to register and warm up, ready for a start at 11 am.

Will the results be published?
The Santa Stride is not a competitive event, the aim is to enjoy the company and have fun so, apart from announcing the amount raised in the local press, we will not be publishing individual results nor indeed PB times. A report of the event complete with photographs will be published on this website at as well as on our facebook.

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